The Topsy Foundation provides a holistic approach to the care of all vulnerable children and children affected directly or indirectly by HIV/Aids.
The conservative estimate is that there will be between 3.6 and 4.8 million AIDS orphans in South Africa alone by the end of 2010 (children whose parents have died of AIDS but who are not necessarily infected themselves).

The Topsy Foundation is a private and corporate initiative with its core responsibility being to provide a multifaceted approach to HIV/AIDS in an attempt to ensure that South Africa does not suffer another "lost generation". The Topsy Foundation, Johannesburg South Africa.

"Gary has special and totally unique talents. (He) can become a considerable asset to this country, we need thousands more people like him. This country would benefit greatly if Gary were to be allowed to work here."
- Doug Maritz, Chairman of the judges panel, FNB Vita Theatre Awards, South Africa.